söndag 13 april 2014

There is no spirituality/love in harming and killing an animal for food

For those that claim that you can take the life of an animal in a spiritual way/kill an animal with love. And for those that claim that uprooting a plant is equivalent to taking the life of an animal.

Plants are not sentient: http://www.cup.columbia.edu/static/marder-francione-debate
There is a moral difference between uprooting a vegetable compared to stabbing a dog. Everyone knows this.

And in any instance you reduce the number of plants that you "kill" by eating a vegan diet, instead of consuming a sentient cow with an interest of living that consumes 10x more plants than you do.

Secondly there is NO love or spirituality in killing an animal with an interest of living and forcefully separating him/her from his/her family.
See also attached image.
Just like there is no love or spirituality in killing a human.

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