söndag 20 april 2014

Dairy industry in Norway

It is just different levels of cruelty.

There is lots of exploitation involved also in Norwegian dairy industry. I live here in Norway.
"Like humans and all mammals, cows need to be impregnated to produce milk. “Organic” cows are therefore repeatedly impregnated, often by a veterinary. Cows would normally live about 20 years, but due to the economics of the “organic” milk industry, they are usually slaughtered after about 5 years when they lose the ability to generate commercially-viable quantities of milk. During this short 5-year life, they are pregnant about 9 months out of every 18 to 24 months and give birth to a calf two or three times. Some of the female calves will end up as dairy cows to eventually replace their mothers and grandmothers. Most of the calves from “organic” dairy producers, however, are forcibly abducted from their mothers – who often grieve the loss intensely – and they are slaughtered when they are 6 months or 18 months old. Calves are always forcefully separated from their mother within a week.

Although some “organic” dairy cows are permitted to graze outside during part of the year, many “organic” cows never see the light of day until they are transported to slaughter.

There is suffering involved in all nonvegan choices. Only way to respect animals is by going vegan. We have no nutritional need for animal foods; and the production involves emotional suffering, physical suffering and taking the life of a sentient being with an interest of being alive. I recommend: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/08/arguments-for-veganism-and-counter.html

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