fredag 10 oktober 2014

Poem, Love, attachments


Love your kindness, your authencity, your smile.
The caring, the realness, expressions through music,voice, piano,and just being.
The sincerity, desire to be real, willingness to be and to feel.             
I love the deep connection, the relating, connecting when looking into your eyes.                                                      
To stop, to feel, to be vivid and real.. To laugh, to smile, to sing, to talk, to listen..                                                                                
The love of your eyes, the touch of your hand, the beauty, and aliveness of you being.                                                  
Movements, moments come and go.
I want to be real, not hide what I feel.
No attachment, no pain, no fear of loss or gain.
Freedom to love, freedom to be free of boundaries requirements and limitations.
It doesn't feel real to hide what I feel..
To dare to express what you feel, without the attachment that you can lose someone else.. Live and love without losing..
You are Life, you can't lose yourself..
Only your direct connection with yourself if you are not bring real.     
Relating, loving, expressing love without attachments or fear.  moment by moment, relating, loving as if this moment was your last. 
To just be, without being afraid of what the other will think, or playing a role to make the other person happy.
Not to attach myself to the fear of a tear.
Or fear  of being abandoned or rejected.
Dare to live, to love, to express Your truth.
No regrets.

Poem - Raging waters, peaceful stillness

Silence, serenity, peace.
Clouded by attachment, nervousness,stress, problems of the mind.                                                     
Keeping me from being Here.
Here and Now.

Do I dare to be here?
To listen.                                                                             
To have the courage to just live just moment by moment.
Connected. Deeply touched by life..
Wonder of Being.
Wonder of seeing.           
Wondrous movement.
Wondrous moment.
Being still.
Being brought back into stillness.

Stormy waves try to shake me.
Separated I believe that I am the boat that can sink when the wind is raging, the waves are high, and the deck is getting all drenched, and water is filling the boat.
United with life I realize that I am the boat, I am the stormy waves.
I am the deep blue ocean, I am the raging wind.
And then suddenly all is okay.
The waves are flashing soaking me all wet.
I am still. Peaceful. Deep rest.
Listening to my heartbeat, breathing, being.
United with life.
Beautiful mystery.

/Anders B.

Poem - Dance of Freedom and Love

What a beautiful night.
There is such a delight.
Merry friends dancing around.
Singing, clapping, what a beautiful sound...
Silence inside, a peaceful abide.
a harmonious melody, an awesome symphony.
Spontaneity, freedom, expressing the Perfect oneness.
existence dancing with Herself.
Come dance along to this perfect song.
Leave your facades, your pressures, your stress and sorrows...
all is okay.
Just relax.

Take a step. Take another step.
Just be here in this dance, here in this freedom, here in this Now.
See how the worries fade away, when you lose your self
Moment after moment.
movement after movement.
In this spontaneous dance.
Take a chance and let's dance.
Freedom and peace. Is Here and Now
just embrace her and invite her to dance
Under the wonderous sky,with the moon and the stars dancing along.
Dance, lose yourself in the dance, uniting with the stars,the moon,
All people, and other apparent objects.
Dance until you realise that you been dancing with yourself, with existence, all along.
Dance and your problems will fade away.
Embrace this moment and dance.

söndag 7 september 2014

Forgive them, they know not what they do

Profound video.

Message that will take us from being 'humankind' to kind humans.

Here is the video:

Some of the transcript (but please see the video): "How do we fix Ferguson... And we fix Ferguson in the same way we fix Afghanistan, Gaza, Chicago, Palestine, Gaza... And that is to stop. We have to stop and be open to the possibility that we have been brainwashed on every single level of our life. Brainwashed with thoughts – thoughts that we fought over, died over, killed over, gotten angry, sad and depressed over. We are so loyal to these thoughts, we got to question them. They were created by the culture we were born in . It taught us that race was real, and we believe it. It taught us that war and violence creates peace and we believed it. It taught that love was weakness and we believed it. But open any history book. And you will notice a trace. Every generation after generation, same story over and over again. We tried everything from politics, to protests, to marches, to riots, but none of it works. It creates short term results, not lasting solutions. Just because our parents, or grand parents believed something doesn’t mean we have to repeat it….

This is our time. We have a real chance to make a difference. Or we can do something over and over.. We forgot about who is looking on the outside, which is ourselves. Who are you, who are you in the deepest sense. I am not talking about your race, your ancestory, I am not even talking about your memories. .. Who are you in the deepest sense? Because figure that out. There will never be external peace, if there is not first internal peace. Once you figure that out – I promise you the entire world will transform, it will change. And as more and more people find themselves, [hu]mankind has the opportunity to transform into kind [hu]man.
Jesus once said forgive them they know not what they do. They know not what they do, because they know not who they are. ....

I would add 'beyond species'. Love and compassion to all sentient beings (that's why I don't eat meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or use animals in any other way; I don't want to harm anyone; and animals are exploited, harmed and often killed in the production of these products).

måndag 11 augusti 2014

If I don't love you, remind me to wake myself up!

If I don't love you, remind me to wake myself up!
-Byron Katie;

Love to everyone. All humans and all nonhuman animals.
When we wake up, we realize we are all One.
No separation, no limits, no boundaries.
True Love.
In True Love there is Forgiveness.
No violence in words and deeds.
In True Love there are no others.
In True Love we relate in the Now, in the Present Moment, and not based on our images of 'ourself' and 'others' (including 'others' past).

And when we Truly Love we don't harm each other. We don't participate in discrimination. We don't violate others interests. We don't use others. We don't harm, kill and use others for food (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, etc.), clothes, vivisection, war and other purposes.

Finally one more quote I love:“If her past were your past, her pain your pain, her level of consciousness your level of consciousness, you would think and act exactly as she does. With this realization comes forgiveness, compassion, peace. ”

Tolle, Eckhart (2009-03-25). Stillness Speaks (Kindle Locations 583-584). New World Library. Kindle Edition.

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lördag 2 augusti 2014

Poem - you are Infinite, not a fragment of bad self-esteem

You are Infinite, not a fragment of bad self-esteem
Your thoughts are saying:
You are worthless.
It echoes in your body.
You feel low and depressed.
You try to suppress your thoughts..
But the more you try to suppress them, the more intense they get.
Others are judging you.
You are judging yourself

In this world of facades, where only some facades are deemed to be accepted.
Where people hide their true self, and play a game of facades because they are afraid of being rejected.
Where people are afraid of being authentic.
Where you are judged because you happen to experience some thoughts.

Listen, my friend.
You are not a limited cluster of thoughts and feelings.
Yes, you have made it to your identity. 
But you are not your thoughts of depression and low self-esteem.
Your thoughts come and go.
Your bodily sensations come and go.

I love you my friend.
Please come Home.
Our Home without limits.
Where there is Peace that surpasses all understanding
And Unconditional Love

You are already Home.
But you fail to see this because that you have identified yourself with a broken piece.
You are not that broken piece.
You are complete.
You are aware of all your broken pieces, but you are not your broken pieces.
You are aware of all your crushed dreams, but you are not all your crushed dreams.
You are aware of all your broken hopes and sorrows, but you are not your broken hopes and sorrows.
You are Unlimited, All-Embracing.
Nothing can harm the True You.
You are complete.

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