måndag 21 april 2014

Sprinkler laws and pet shops?

Lets’ discuss the pet shop scenario: The owners of the pet shop can legally when they want to kill the animals. They can legally breed new animals. They can legally sell the animals to other people that can kill the animals right away. Then they can keep and treat the animal in any way they like to without risking any legal consequence if they just hide it to the public.

Other animals used for food can be tortured legally and without the risk of facing any legal consequence.
When an animal advocate advocates for a law related to the animal prisoners that are imprisoned in this breeding system, they perpetuate and reinforce the property status that these animals have in our society. They legitimize the exploitation of animals. The law that will be enforced is a law to protect 'commodities', not a law to safeguard persons.
 In the population’s eyes now the problem becomes the treatment, or rather the societal view that the treatment is the problem becomes reinforced, of the exploited animals and not the exploitation of breeding and killing animals at any whim. As long as they have sprinklers, as long as they are treated good, they can be killed when their owner think that they no longer need to take care of the animal. The focus becomes on the treatment of animals, instead of putting the focus on all use of animals. And nonvegan animal lovers think that they are helping the animals while they are consuming their dinner of animal foods, wearing their leather shoes and their wool sweater, and bringing their healthy pet to the animal shelter because of that they don't have time to take care of her. And since animals are property under the law, the animal welfare reforms doesn’t offer any real protection – not in reality and seldom in court.

Instead of using my time to draft Animal welfare reforms/sign petitions of Animal welfare reforms that perpetuate the property status and the exploitation of animals, I use my time to educate our world that they have a moral obligation not to exploit animals; and that no domestication of animals can be justified. No breeding shop/pet shops can be morally justified. Further that we should adopt and take care of the domesticated animals that are her today. It is having a good effect and many people go vegan. And thus less animals are exploited than should have been exploited otherwise.

When it comes to advocating for sprinklers in a school there is a morally a completely different issue. Children in the schools are not commodities. However if I were to advocate for sprinklers for human slaves when owning slaves were common in the USA and slaves were property under law, the moral issue would be the same.
Now may I suggest that you study some theory of the Abolitionist Approach, instead of misrepresenting us that we don’t care about the welfare of animals??

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