lördag 15 mars 2014

Palm oil vs monoculture and other animal agricultre

"Will this be causing the same hoo-hah as palm oil? I doubt it since it doesn't seem that orangutans will be affected. Speciesism is alive and well folks."
Sugar plantations: http://news.mongabay.com/2014/0315-aru-sugar-plantations.html?fbfnpg

The mining used for electronics also involves human exploitation and animal exploitation. The monocultures used in the production of most of our food is an ecological disaster. The transports of foods and other products all around the world is also an ecological disaster. So if we want to avoid as much harm as possible, and to make an ethical enviroment friendly choice, we should try to buy locally produced food and other products that aren't produced in monocultures.

Yes, it is clearly speciesist.

More about electronics:

This is a very important video clip about the slave work involved in the electronics that we use:

"We must rid our lives of unnecessary violence. Animal products and all other animal use are out, and there is more we can do...such as only buying what we need, buying second hand whenever possible, and buying non-slave made whenever possible." Quote Sarah

So if you are contemplating just buying or using some electronical product, or other product (most products, including most clothes involve slavery work somewhere in the product chain), and many food items (a big amount of the cocoa and sugar produced in the world is produced by slaves - see the documentary 'The Dark Side of Chocolate') just for entertainment or pleasure, please ask yourself if this can be justified given the slavery, death and violence involved in making the product.


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