onsdag 1 maj 2013

God does not want us to kill animals

This is an answer of a Christian who referred to the Bible and wondered why it allows to eat and kill certain animals.

I wrote this:

Dale Briggs, What are your thoughts?
I don't think that God ever approved of man hurting, exploiting and killing animals. It is clear that animals don't want to be killed by humans, e.g. see the videos at www.vegankit.com
So why do you think God put this desire of wanting to live, love and show compassion to other beings - if their purpose was to be killed, used and exploited by us?
Why do we want to take the precious life of a being who loves life, and who has understood his/her goal to show love and compassion to other beings?

Please read this post that shows that Jesus was a vegan: http://www.compassionatespirit.com/Will_Tuttle.htm'

Hurting and killing other sentient beings is something that is contradictory to our inner nature, our loving, compassionate and nonviolent nature; and is something that is only learnt by the indoctrination of our culture, which has reduced animals to being commodities. Doing this as a regular habit, we disconnect ourselves to the animals, and we lose some of our capacity to understand that it is wrong to take the life of another being - who is consciousness just like us. Just because they have been given another body than us, doesn't mean that there is any essential difference. This is also discussed in the wonderful book World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle [4].

The culture of the Bible was influenced by the erroneous domestication-culture, which viewed animals as beings ant not as individuals.

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