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Reply to 'Everything eats something. Something dies so that i may live'

Quote: Everything eats something. Something dies so that i may live

Yes, but we don’t eat humans, because we think it is unethical. Other animals are also consciousness, and the only reason our culture is comfortable with eating them is a big disconnect to them and the exclusion created by our routine non-vegan choices made since childhood. There is no essential difference between other animals and us – we are all consciousness. Just the fact that they have different bodies doesn’t in any way justify us talking their precious life, which they value as much as we value our lives.

And there is a big inherent difference with killing a being that is consciousness, compared to taking the seeds and fruits from a plants – which helps the plant to spread itself. Read more here: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/04/vegan-answer-i-eat-animals-because-i.html


I would like you all to consider this:

We all agree that “unnecessary” animal suffering and death are morally wrong. If that means anything at all, it must mean that we cannot justify animal suffering and death by reasons of pleasure or convenience. But what is our best justification for imposing suffering and death on the 56 billion animals (excluding fish) we eat annually?

Pleasure. Convenience.


So the only justification we have is that which we agree cannot suffice. This is moral schizophrenia.


If you are not a vegan, you are participating directly in animal exploitation. Being a vegan is easy, better for your health, and the most powerful way that you, as an individual, can say “no” to animal exploitation.

Quote by Gary Francione: http://www.facebook.com/abolitionistapproach


Here are many interviews that brings clarity to the issue of animals right to live and not to be killed for trivial and unnecessary reasons, such as convenience, cultural habit or taste: http://gooseberryproductions.com/

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