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Vegan reply to propaganda - 'Baby Breastfed by Vegan mother dies'

These are some replies to a propaganda article posted by the Weston A. Prince-Foundation, founded by the animal exploitaiton-industry:

A good article by John McDougall commenting on another sensationalist article:

Will Tuttle Folks - this is a website and an article that is written by and paid for by the ridiculous and infamous Weston A. Price foundation, which is funded by the meat and dairy industries. It is simply propaganda - of course it's popular with the non-vegan masses who love, as McDougall says, good news about their bad habits - but it shows their desperation. The fact is that appropriately planned vegan diets have been approved as healthy for everyone at every stage of life by conservative groups like the Dieticians Association - the science is completely behind vegan pregnancies, births, and infancy.
Btw, Sarah is a key part of the Weston A. Price Foundation, which shows how much she 'cares' about accuracy.
-You can't blame veganism for people's eating an inadequate diet.

"It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes. "


Victoria Moss Well ive been Vegan for 25 years and a 9 year old and a 14 year old vegan since birth. Both vegan pregnancies and I can tell you they are two very healthy boys! It is possible!!! Don't believe the hype!
Karen McCollough Not only is it possible, it's preferable. I was vegan when I was pregnant in 1999 & my son was vegan for the first 4 years of his life (and I still am - have been since 1998). My ob/gyn, although hesitant because of their limited nutritional training in med school, regularly remarked on how healthy I was. Same comments from the pediatricians about my son. Even Dr. Sears, famous baby doctor writer, recommended children be vegan. I nursed my son until he was 3-1/2 (although not exclusively except for his 1st 6 months) and supplemented with a vegan prenatal/postnatal vitamin throughout that time. Aside from some minor common complaints (colds, gas, etc), my son & I were very healthy & I am so grateful that he had the opportunity to start out this way in his life. I am very sad for this family's loss, and for the misleading hype that criminalizes veganism; both are not fair!
Rebecca Stucki Sounds like a lot of hype and fear-mongering, especially in the article you linked to. I wonder if this is the same French couple that is always used to "prove" veganism doesn't work? I wonder how many babies whose mothers are omnivores die every year from poor nutrition? Probably very many more.

Moonmarty Martha E Gutierrez This article made me so angry! I have so many vegan friends with perfectly healthy vegan babies!
In my personal opinion It shows the desperate resources of a system feeling threatened on their comfort zone of eating by a growing number of healthy, happy vegans around the world.
Still, i will go now take my kbucha and make sure my b12 is balanced.
I feel sorry for the parents having to go trough this on top of their grief.

The child died of untreated pneumonia progressed from bronchitis, not diet. His death had little if anything, to do with the parents being vegan and instead with them being ignorant. Yet it is interesting, most of the stories really emphasized the word VEGAN.


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