fredag 17 maj 2013

Being vegan is very easy, hurting and enslaving animals is hard and unjust

I am glad you agree about that it is the right thing to do! :) Becoming vegan for me last autumn was an easy choice once I understood that I have no rights at all to exploit animals, including paying someone to kill them, steal their products, and domesticate/enslave them.

Being vegan is incredibly easy. It is very easy to always choose to be loving and compassionate in every decision that we make. It is our true nature. Our society wants to fool us that it is hard, but it is not true. It is hard to continue to live a lifestyle that exploits others. It harms others, and it harms ourselves. It is easy to become vegan, to treat all beings with love, compassion and nonviolence, to find our true purpose, to come home.
Not being vegan for almost 28 years has been hard. I enslaved animals and became slave to our cultural indoctrination. Finally becoming vegan I feel so free, so happy, so peaceful. It is just wonderful.

Study, fully comprehend who the animals are, and what our choices are causing them. To act in a loving, compassionate and nonviolent, to do what is the morally right thing to do and to REFUSE to participate in exploitation, destroying families, stealing individuals purposes, hurting, killing and stealing, is SO much stronger than cultural indoctrination, physical addiction to animal foods, peer pressure and any other "reason" of not being vegan.
Please go vegan, for everyone that is consciousness.
Why do you think it is hard?

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