lördag 25 maj 2013

Why do we love dogs, but kill animals for fur, leather, meat, milk, etc?

Why do we love dogs, but enslave, kill and hurt animals to become fur, leather, meat; or enslave them and use, hurt and kill them in the milk and egg industry?
If we love animals, we don't kill animals. We don't kill and eat anyone that we love. If we love animals, we must support their want to not be oppressed, including not to be killed.
I highly recommend this lecture: http://vimeo.com/17538152 and the book World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle (www.worldpeacediet.org )

My reply to a person spreading hatred towards a person wearing fur:
Please stop calling people bad words and juging their moral character. A person can do bad things without being aware of the suffering and death she/he is inflicting on others. Love, compassion, education helps, harsh words alienates persons.

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