onsdag 15 maj 2013

No joy and love of eating animal products, fear, suffering and enslavement

There can be no true joy and love when eating a meal, which resulted in fear, suffering, enslavement and death for precious and conscious beings.

"Eating is an act of connecting. Even if we eat alone, we are not alone. The food we are eating connects us with the rhythms, forces, and abundance of nature and of our universe, and with the presence of those who nurtured and gathered the foods we are eating. Fields, forests, oceans, rivers, wildlife, farmers, and grocers are all with us and become part of us as we chew and digest the food.

People we think of while we are chewing and digesting our food become a part of us also. Crossculturally, meals are events of social bonding and communion. When we eat together as a family or a community, and especially if we do it in an attitude of appreciation of the food and the opportunity of being together, we strengthen the bonds of understanding and love between us.
If we consume animal foods, all of these elements of energy and consciousness are diminished by the violence and fear inherent in the vibration of the foods we are eating. Thich Nhat Hanh says it plainly:

'When we eat an egg or a chicken, we know that the egg or chicken can also contain a lot of anger. We are eating anger, and therefore we express anger. . . . So be aware. Be careful what you eat. If you eat anger, you will become and express anger. If you eat despair, you will express despair. If you eat frustration, you will express frustration.'

Since there is such an obvious and overwhelmingly strong vibration of violence, fear, and despair in animal foods, when we prepare the food we are not likely to do so mindfully, but mechanically and quickly, in order to avoid awakening our natural sensitivity. We tend to eat these foods in a disconnected way as well. To maintain our pretense that we are oblivious to the obvious horror on our plates, we eat quickly and keep ourselves busy and distracted. Fast food and the industrialization
of eating are understandable outcomes of eating animal foods over an extended period. The aggressive busyness of our culture and our
outward-looking expansionist orientation are rooted historically and currently in our discomfort with how we treat the animals we eat and
the hardness we cultivate toward their suffering."
[Quote World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle; available for free at: http://www.worldpeacediet.org/download.htm ]

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