söndag 26 maj 2013

Is smoking vegan? Effect of smoking upon environment, animals and health

“The inhalation of one cigarette contains about 4000 dangerous and cancerogenic chemicals that go directly into your body. The mix of nicotin, tar, poisonous gases and chemicals has sideeffects that hurts the lungs, body, blood vehicles and organs of the smoker.”

By smoking we destroy and pollute the environment by all dangerous chemicals, and thus we inflict suffering and death upon the inhabitants of the environment – us and the nonhuman animals.

Buy buying tobacco (depending on from where), we may also pay for slave labour (you can easily Google this), just as happens in the cocoa and clothing industry (this documentary covers mainly the cocoa industry) in many countries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFoGpkpicPU

Our health is important and to live long is very important so that we can become as old as possible and to influence people and other animals as much as possible to live a more peaceful and loving lifestyle.
We are also animals and shouldn’t inflict violence upon ourselves through destroying our Health.


Other comments:
Genghis Koan I know I changed my world by stopping smoking, my childrens world as a role model and my families and friends worlds as role model and being less easily frustrated etc

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