onsdag 15 maj 2013

Reply to counter argument to vegans. Vegans are killing plants

Why show love  to e.g. dogs and cats; but not to all other animals. There is no difference between the animals we love, and between the animals we hurt, kill and enslave for palate pleasure. A small child would never dream of hurting precious animals, they are his/her friends; to kill and hurt animals is something that is taught by our cultural indoctrination and by excluding animals from our circle of love and compassion at our meals.

People do recognize the different between cutting a grass lawn, and between killing an innocent puppy or human. If receiving guests, you would appreciate flowers, but you wouldn't appreciate getting a dead dog. I recommend this post about plants: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/a-frequently-asked-question-what-about-plants/

It shows that plants are not sentient and they don't feel pain and suffering.
If you still think that plants are consciousness, just like we are and all the other animals are, then avoid killing them. You don't need to. See the paragraph further down.

If you kill and eat cows - then you kill an innocent and conscious cow; and  in total you consume more than 10 times more plants are consumed (the food of the cow) compared to the amount of plants you would have had to consume if you ate a vegan diet. This is also why we will eliminate starvation and poverty if everyone eats a vegan diet: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fws0f9s4Bas

To quote Philip Wollen: "Poor countries sell their grain to the West while their own children starve in their arms. And we feed it to livestock. So we can eat a steak? Am I the only one who sees this as a crime? Every morsel of meat we eat is slapping the tear-stained face of a starving child. When I look into her eyes, should I be silent?
The earth can produce enough for everyone’s need. But not enough for everyone’s greed."
More about how our eating habits is causing poverty and starvation is explained here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fws0f9s4Bas

Second of all, if you think that plants are sentient beings, you don't need to uproot plants. You can eat their fruits, grains, and seeds. See the last part of this post for more information (I don't want to make this comment too lengthy): http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/05/the-connection-of-eating-meat-and.html

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