fredag 31 maj 2013

Israel -land of milk and honey? Animal exploitation and myths

Have a nice journey in Israel!!

“land of milk n honey, here I come!! “
Speaking of milk, have you ever thought of what is involved in the milking process? In order to milk animals, wild animals who all want to live in freedom had to be domesticated. Someone had to confine them and steal their freedom, and to breed them and enslave them. I wish that we could extend love and compassion to all living beings and make vegan choices that doesn’t hurt other living beings. For all living beings want to live and don’t want to get killed, exploited and enslaved by us, and all living beings have the right to live and not to get killed and exploited by us. i recommend these articles: and

"Joseph Campbell, when asked the reason for myths by Bill Moyer, said that the main reason for myths and stories is to somehow reconcile our abuse and killing of animals for food. We create enormous rituals with religious significance because I think we feel guilty about confining animals. The worst thing you can do to a being is put them in prison; putting someone in jail is a punishment. These cows are owned. Their sovereignty is stolen from them by human beings so they can have their milk. They are not allowed to live their lives freely in nature and we would all like to be able to live our lives freely. I think there is no need, personally, for ghee to be healthy. Certainly there are many cultures that survive without having ghee. In the fullness of time, hopefully this will be seen to be something we can let go of. I would like to see cows returning to sovereignty again, how they lived for millions of years."

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