lördag 18 maj 2013

Problems of placing a dog at an animal shelter

The problem is that we have been indoctrinated by our culture to treat many animals in a way that reflects that they don't have any moral value (which is wrong), and that we have the right to enslave, domesticate, hurt, use, exploit, kill and eat animals (and steal their produce) for trivial and completely unnecessary reasons, such as “taste”, habit, pleasure, convenience or tradition [It is a myth that we need animal products for our health, in fact they are bad for our health: http://www.adelicatebalance.com.au/ ]. We have reduced beings who are eternal consciousness just like us, into commodities, who can be abandoned into “animal shelters” and mistreated in other ways.

We all agree on that it is morally wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering upon sentient beings, yet we (our culture) daily inflicts unnecessary suffering and death routinely upon animals, for food, clothing, in pet industry, zoos, etc.: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/what-michael-vick-taught-us/

Apart from the animals sadness felt by the abandoment, and many other problems, putting animals animals in an animal shelter do result in animals getting killed (either at the animal shelter, or people having dogs killing their dogs while waiting to get a place in an all-full no-kill animal shelter).
We need to extend our love and compassion to everyone. Everyone wants to live and to live in freedom. If we hurt another being, we hurt ourselves. In order to kill someone, we have to violate this individual's love and wants, we have to crush hopes, destroy a family and friend relationships; We have to sacrifice part of our inner love and compassion; we have to say to ourselves that 'I don't care' in order to take someone's purpose and life. And this has destroyed us, destroyed our society. The reason why people inflict violence and suffering upon others is the lack of empathy and love to others. If we instead would reinforce love and empathy at each meal by living a vegan lifestyle, instead of destroying parts of our love and empathy at each meal by hurting and killing someone for 'convenience' or taste, we would surely attain world peace. As long as we sow violence and wars by our eating choices, our society and culture will be absorbed in violence and wars.
We should stop hurting our family. We should treat everyone with love, compassion and nonviolence, i.e. go vegan . More information at www.vegankit.com and the fantastic and transformative book World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle (http://www.worldpeacediet.org/)
Furthermore, all animals want to be free individuals, they don’t want to be controlled, no animals want to live in confinement. Can’t we respect this? We should end all breeding and all domestication, and let all animals be born into a life of freedom in the nature, where they can live a natural life without being controlled and limited by us. I recommend this article:

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