tisdag 21 maj 2013

Argument to vegans: Since primates eat a diet of animals, why shouldn't also humans do the same, since we are primates?

You wrote:" ...since we ourselves are primates. In a confused society, where "What should humans eat?" is a common question, doesn't it make sense to look at the diet of other similar animals, i.e. other primates?”

If this is the case: Since we ourselves are primates and live in a confused society, where ‘How do humans behave morally?’ is a common question, doesn’t it make sense to look at the moral behaviors of other primates?

Why don't we also look at other primates and emulate behaviors that are practiced by many primates, e.g. teach part of our society to emulate cannibalism, and stop fighting against human cannibalism? And among other primates this also occurs:
‘Males control females by physical violence and intimidation. Chimpanzees also engage in purposeful raids to kill members of other chimpanzee groups.’ And if we are going to eat what other primates eat, why don’t we advocate that some people in our society should be cannibals?
But no one in our society is arguing that we should emulate these behaviors, including emulating a diet which includes eating other humans.
Here are some examples of the primate behaviors that I referred to: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/wondermonkey/2011/04/cannibalism---what-is-it-good.shtml
I rather learn from them and emulate what is good, e.g. the altruism, love and compassion they can and know how to display; and ignore to emulate what is bad and hurts other conscious beings.

I think we should dig inside instead, and apply, develop and enhance our sense of love, compassion, empathy and respect to all individuals regardless of whether they are consciousness in a human body, consciousness in a primate body, etc.

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