söndag 19 maj 2013

If each vegan helped another person go vegan every year, then all the world would be vegan in 15 years

I am so glad that people took the time to help me understand veganism. This autumn I understood that it is wrong to exploit animals, it has transformed me completely, saved many animals, and many people have been inspired by what I have explained and personal example to go vegan. I don't think anything is as efficient as advocating veganism to our friends and to those we meet. I think by us ourselves advocating veganism daily to the people we meet, and to create opportunities through the internet, vegan stalls, etc, and advocating our friends to do the same, is the most efficient thing we can do. Both one-to-one and through a blog and forums one-to-many. Everyone is important, and everyone can't be reached one-to-many.

I found this knowledge in this book very helpful to spread the transsformative vegan message and help the understanding it: http://www.worldpeacediet.org/

I like this quote:

"I get very frustrated by vegans who claim that we will never see a vegan world. This is generally given as the reason why we must do all we can to reduce suffering by supporting welfare measures and single issue campaigns.

According to the mathematical equation for exponential growth, if every vegan currently existing helped just one other person a year to go vegan and all those new vegans subsequently did the same, the entire population of the world would be vegan inside 15 years, even allowing for population growth! Now I'm not so daft as to think it would be that simple given the range of opposition we face, but this simple fact shows what could be achieved if this negative attitude was abandoned and vegans concentrated their efforts on vegan education, the only way what we all wish for will ever happen.

The abolition of animal exploitation through vegan education is a long term plan. Yes, animals are suffering now and it is the desire to alleviate that suffering in the here and now which prompts welfarism. However, think about this, welfare measures only reduce exploitation not eliminate it and

I utterly reject the notion that humans have any right whatsoever to arbitrarily decide on behalf of other sentient beings what level of suffering is accepable and what is not. Welfare measures simply make the non-vegan population more comfortable with their use of animals and are music to the ears of the animal exploitation. The rise in the 'happy' exploitation business proves the point. In addition, if you support the exploitation resulting from welfare measures you are exxectively 'approving' it.

How much more difficult does it then become to advocate veganism at a later date when those who would continue to exploit can quite justifiably say "The animal people say what we're doing is OK."?
If you want to ensure that the sun one day rises on a vegan world, abandon the support of welfarist organisations, welfare measures and single issue campaigns. Instead, advocate the abolition of the property status of animals through veganism."

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