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Djurskyddsorganisationer är en del av problemet med djurförtryck

Djurskyddsorganisationer som hävdar 'Animalia godkänner den symbiotiska samlevnaden mellan människa och djur, som båda drar nytta av. Vi förhåller oss dock mycket kritiskt till dagens effektiva djurproduktion' är en del av problemet, inte en del av lösningen. De får människor att känna sig bekväma med förtrycket av djur, och förevigar samhället syn att det är okej att använda sig av djur t.ex. för föda, så länge som de har blivit "bra behandlade". Det är det största hindret till att få människor att inse att veganism är det enda etiska rätta. Här finns ett annat exempel på en sådan kampanj från en annan djurskyddsorganisation och hur den påverkar samhällets syn på djur:

Bra citat från Abolitionist Approach:
"Adventures in Animal Welfare and Promoting "Happy" Exploitation Down Under
Här följer ett exempel med hur djurskyddsföreningar förespråkar "lycklig exploatering" av djur:

Here we have Animals Australia all excited about the fact that Coles supermarkets are going to have bags promoting the AA factory-farm campaign.

Consider the language:

"This means millions of people doing their weekly shop will be reminded where and when it matters most about the kind choices they can make to improve the lives of animals raised for food."

Comment: "kind choices": consumers are being told by an "animal rights" group that it's morally acceptable to buy "happy" meat. Eating the products of "happy" exploitation is a "kind" choice.

"Since the launch of this world-first public awareness campaign, many Australians have been shocked to learn that animals raised for food in Australia are denied the same legal protections as our pets at home, purely for commercial reasons. This sees 500 million chickens, layer hens and pigs severely confined in factory farms each year. The goal of Make it Possible is one that everyone from all walks of life can agree with — that animals raised for food should have protection from cruel treatment and be afforded a life worth living."

Comment: this clearly implies--indeed, it states--that we can exploit animals in a way that affords them "a life worth living" and one that is free from "cruel" treatment. Just buy Coles' "happy" animal products.

"Coles, as one of Australia's major retailers, has led the way in implementing animal welfare improvements in its supply chains. Coles is the first major supermarket retailer to remove sow stalls from its supply chains, and commit to phasing out cage eggs from its home brand egg range. We are delighted that Coles is helping generate awareness of Make it Possible by having our shopper bags in store. They serve as an inspiring reminder of the power we have as consumers to demand a better life for farm animals through the choices we make every day."

Comment: the goal is to "demand a better life for farm animals" and this can be accomplished by buying the "happy" meat and animal products--sold at Coles'.

Come on, folks, get with it. Why do you think Coles is doing this? Because they are a corporation concerned about morality? If you believe that, there is a bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn that I would like to sell you. They are doing it because they want to sell "happy" meat, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. And Animals Australia is helping them do so.

If you think that this is helping to eradicate animal exploitation, you are in error. All this does is make to ensure that the public feels more comfortable about animal exploitation.

How very sad.

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