fredag 24 maj 2013

Illegal rescue actions of animals doesn't result in reduced animal exploitation

Some of my thoughts about direct action involving rescuing animals and property damage:

“I oppose all violence—including violence against property. Those who claim that there is such a thing as destroying a building or engaging in a break-in that does not result in harm or the risk of harm to sentient beings (humans and nonhumans alike) are simply deluding themselves.
For the reasons that I have stated on numerous occasions, I regard violence as the problem and not as any part of the solution and I encourage those who are concerned about animal exploitation to go vegan and to engage in creative, non-violent vegan education.“ [Quote: ]

I agree with this quote, since it reflects the lifestyle that I believe in. Such rescue-actions may also result in animal exploiters becoming more violent against those defending animals, “justifying” this by the violence that was done to their property.
It sends the message/perpetuates the message that violence against someone’s property for some “justifiable cause” is justified. It is common that violence against someone’s property leads to violence against individuals through revenge actions.
It doesn’t help ending the animal slavery. The demand is still there, and the exploited animals are getting replaced by other animals to fill the big demand that didn’t change because of the rescue.
If the time instead is used for vegan education, people would go vegan, start transitioning towards veganism and/or seeds will be sown that will cause people of this world to practice less violence against animals.

The public doesn’t understand the rescue. Many look upon veganism and animal rights in a bad light because of the property damage involved. They don’t have any context in which they can interpret the action that has taken place. It doesn’t change the way in which they view the animals, animal rights, and their obligations towards the animals, i.e. it doesn’t reduce the violence and animal exploitation in the world.

We can rescue animals without using violence and without increasing the violence in this world, and this is a very good moral deed. There are tens of millions "pets" killed in the world every year that we can save by adopting and/or fostering them.

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