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PETA endorses Burger King's "Veggie" burger, which contains milk, eggs and animal exploitation

Hello Jill,
“Thank you for your post and for the links that you shared. I would be happy to share some links with you, too! Best wishes,”
Thanks! Best wishes to you also!

I understand that you sincerely believe in PETA and their methods.

I don’t have the time to comment everything you write at the moment, but I would like to comment your statement:

“Because of PETA, even Burger King now has a "BK Veggie" burger!.”
It contains eggs and milk.
PETA promotes Burger King and their animal exploitation-burger under their section ‘Eating Vegan at Fast Food Chain Restaurants ‘ and they are celebrating and promoting Burger King for what certainly is animal exploitation.

So PETA’s supporters will believe that they are helping the animals by [lacto-ovo]-“vegetarianism”, which is a label that makes people feel good about exploiting animals, skipping the meat, but still exploiting animals by consuming milk and eggs. Calling milk and eggs and label it vegetarian or veggie is certainly normalizing the animal exploitation - labelling it as being the same as "veggies" [vegetables].

Some other problems with PETA:
PETA gives awards to various vendors of “happy” meat and animal products;
PETA, along with other animal groups, has enthusiastically endorsed the Whole Foods “Animal Compassionate” program/label;
PETA gave an award in 2004 to Temple Grandin, the designer of “happy” slaughter houses and what Grandin calls the “stairway to heaven” system of slaughter;
PETA announces and then calls off boycotts of institutional animal users such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King and praises those companies for their supposed concern for animal welfare;
PETA praises McDonald’s as “actually ‘leading the way’ in reforming the practices of fast-food suppliers, in the treatment and the killing of its beef and poultry.”
To say that this does not constitute support for “happy” or “humane” exploitation is simply not correct.
[Quote and references: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/a-response-to-petas-position-on-happy-or-humane-exploitation/#.UaTzk5xc18E ]

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