torsdag 6 november 2014

Poem, Deep connection

Looking into your eyes.
Feeling this embracing love
caring and tenderness
impersonal love
This love that the ego wants to feel,
But it can't
This love that flows naturally
When relaxing into effortlessness 
connecting fully with the Moment
Accepting the moment as it is.

Deep impersonal love
Existence embracing Herself.
Telling: everything is okay.
You are on the right path.

This meeting between 2 apparent egos
Connecting fully in the Now
Mind goes to rest
giving space for Existence to provide
And Love and Peace to flow.

Feeling touched by this courage
To dare to express what you feel.
To rise up from the muddy waters..
This sinking sand of attachments.
This expression of authenticity
this connection for realness.

Be at peace
From the judgements and attachments
Trying to pull you deeper and deeper into the sand..
Just observe, without being attached or involved.
stay vigilant, moment by moment
and They will lose their grip.

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