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That Bible justifies eating meat in Romans 14, however Jesus was a vegan and didn't kill animals

Hello Beth,
Thanks for discussing! This reply of mine became quite long, but I hope you will read it all :)

I don’t believe in attacking people either. I do however believe in telling the truth of who the animals are and the necessity of being vegan in order to recognize the inherent value of animals. I believe that their is no true freedom for neither us, nor the animals as long as we exploit them. As long as we steal animals purposes, we will never find our own purpose; and for as long as we inflict them with suffering, we will never find true peace in our culture; it will continue to be inflicted by violence and wars.

Domestication of animals is a violence, it is slavery, and it also has resulted in human slavery, oppression against women, and other forms of oppression that is rampant in our society. Learn more in this book: http://cup.columbia.edu/book/978-0-231-15188-7/animal-oppression-and-human-violence#.UZAIageHrdk.facebook

You wrote: “I have always had a soft spot for animals in my heart. I too believe they have emotions and feelings....on the other hand if done "humanely" it is not inherently WRONG “

Glad we agree on that they have emotions and feelings, and that you have a soft spot for animals in your heart!
Our culture want to say that we “humanely” can enslave, use, hurt and kill other animals; and this erroneous notion is also erroneously propagated by most of the big “animal advocate” organizations. How could it be morally right to steal someone’s purpose, to inflict unnecessary harm and suffering upon another being who wants to live, and who have their own purpose - which is not to be enslaved, hurt and killed by us? We can’t humanely enslave, hurt and kill another human; and we can’t humanly enslave, hurt and kill a being of another species. It is impossible to “humanely” kill a being who wants to live, and doesn’t want to be killed by us, which is true for all animals.

Milk cows are enslaved, severely abused physically and emotionally, their babies are always stolen from them within some days, their male babies and many females babies are killed with some months in the US, they themselves are killed when they are 5 years of old. More information here about what they go through: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/05/the-connection-between-feminism-and.html
If we value love and compassion, and loving our neighbour as ourselves, and if we value ‘treat others as you yourselves want others to be treated’, how can we ignore the animals who are consciousness just like us, and who surely want and deserve to be treated and respected just like us?
It is easy also with allergies to go vegan: http://www.drmcdougall.com/med_allergic.html

You wrote: “ it actually was set forth by God Himself as a substantial nutritional supply.”

Animal products are very bad for our health and it creates diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular diseases and a number of other diseases, see e.g. the findings behind this movie: http://www.adelicatebalance.com.au/ . We have no nutritional need at all for animal products, and, since you quoted the Bible, the Bible recognizes that veganism is the ideal - see Genesis 1:26, before humans transgressed the will of their Benevolent Creator.
As for the Bible, I believed in it for 11 years; however, I realized this autumn that it is morally wrong to exploit animals regardless of what is written in the Bible. The Bible was heavily influenced by its writers mindset, which was influenced by the violent domestication-culture which started 8000-1000 years ago. The historically Jesus was in fact a vegan: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/05/historical-jesus-was-vegan-didnt-eat.html ; and his vegan message got distorted by the redactors of the Bible. We should never use a book to justify violence and slavery upon another being regardless of race, sex, species or other irrelevant criteria.
Hope you will consider all of this! I wish you a wonderful day! :)

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