torsdag 29 maj 2014

Zoos - it is wrong to use animals for 'education' or 'entertainment'

I want your feedback and help to improve this text that I wrote to comment on a thread in an event promoting an aquarium:

Animals are sentient beings. They have the right not to be exploited, not to be killed, not to get their family torn away from them, and it is morally wrong for anyone of us to disregard their interests.

Breeding up an animal for entertainment or "education" is neglecting their fundamental interests, such as their interest of freedom. It is also neglecting their fundamental interest of not being bred up to be property under the law [1], which gives the owner of the animal the opportunity and often the right to kill and exploit him/her for any reason. This is also frequently done in aquariums, zoos, and other institutions of animal use where "domesticated animals" are killed for any reason, including being exploited to become food for another imprisoned and exploited animal. Many animals are killed in zoos when the owners of the zoo decides that the animal should be replaced by another animal for "education" or "entertainment".

If we care about animals, we don't use them as property, and we don't exploit them for entertainment, education, pleasure, convenience, tradition, or any other reason.
This includes that we eat and thrive on a healthy plantbased diet without any animal foods, don't use animals as clothes, for entertainment, for companionsip, or any other purpose. For more information I refer to and


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