onsdag 14 maj 2014

Why is animal use is increasing?

Good status from a friend:
"With veganism being entirely beneficial to animals, people, and the environment, why does it seem like animal use is increasing?

In answer to that, I'd like to share what I have been learning:

When we demonstrate for single animal issues, the loud and clear message we give and reinforce is that some animal uses are OK (just not the one we are demonstrating about) and that some species of animals are more worthwhile than others.
I've also been learning that when we support welfare actions, we are totally reinforcing and giving our “OK” to the belief that using animals, as long they appear to be getting treated “humanely”, is fine.
It does not matter that neither of these outcomes are our intent; they are what is perceived regardless, and that is all that matters. Supporting these actions gives the green light to consume animals and animal products as long as they can somehow be viewed as “humane.”
It's time to promote veganism only if we want to see change. It's time to spread the unequivocal message that all animal exploitation needs to end. Welfare actions have been taking place for a couple hundred years, and like it was noted in the question, animal use seems to be increasing. Time for a new approach. Promote veganism only and require it as the moral baseline or society, in general, will continue to not take justice and equality for nonhuman animals seriously."
Written by Rhonda A.

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