måndag 5 maj 2014

Evidence for that "Animal welfare"-reform leads to "happy exploitation" ?

There is no evidence that "Animal welfare"-reforms leads us any tiny bit closer to abolition. And you can study any page of any "Animal welfare"-organization and see the reactions of the public commenting on those posts. Often people proudly write: "I buy free range eggs". "I drink only organic milk". "I buy locally produced meat". Etcetera. People think that the "treatment" of animals is the problem; and this paradigm becomes reinforced everytime we advocate for "Animal welfare"-reform instead of advocating for Abolition of all slavery. The moral confusion is enormous on the "Animal welfare"-pages, and often the moderators don't do a thing to bring clarity to the confused non-vegans commenting on their page and promoting products of "happy exploitation". They let people stay in the nonvegan cloud of confusion. I got banned from Mercy for Animals Canada for promoting veganism and educating people to understand that all consumption of animal foods, use of animals for clothes, etc., is animal exploitation.

There is a reason of why Whole Foods cooperate with "Animal welfare"-organizations to promote "Animal Compassionate" Standards, which consists of a marketing scheme promoting "happy exploitation" of animals:

They know that efforts like that increase their sales.
Please study the link and the provided resources.

One excerpt: "To learn how the agenda of large corporate animal charities and that of one of the largest meat retailers in America merged, ushering in the "happy meat" era during which self-described vegans began developing and promoting "new and improved" animal products, view the 12 minute video,"Breaking Veganism"

To see how the reputation of formerly respected animal advocates, along with the credibility of large animal protection charities, are currently being put in service of developing and promoting misleading "humane" labeling schemes which serve to increase profits for animal-exploiting mega-corporations like Whole Foods, view the 9 minute video Putting the Happy in Happy Meat"

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