fredag 2 maj 2014

How First world-choices and consumerism effect the exploitation of humans and animals, poverty, starvation

We live in an insane world where:

-"Aesthetics" is more important than the welfare and health of homeless people. E.g. some States in US have laws that prohibit homeless people from having their belonging on “public property”. See article in note 1.
-Consumerism and buying more stuff than what we need for our survival – more clothes than we need, entertainment, things, etc. – is more important than helping 40 000 people that daily die by starvation and 800 million people in the world are malnourished.
- “Tastebuds”/convenience/social acceptance is more important than to respect and not exploiting nonhuman animals. If we respect animals and want to stop exploit animals we go vegan.
-People choose to consume chocolate despite that it pays for both the exploitation of humans in slave factories and cows being exploited for milk [See The Dark Side of Chocolate].

-Our consumption of cheap garments is causing the exploitation and death of factory workers in Bangladesh, China and other countries:
-Our use of many electronic devices is paying for the exploitation of people in Congo:

I wish and work for a world where we don’t exacerbate the poverty, starvation, injustices, environmental destruction involved in/exacerbated by the production and consumption of animal foods, which involves breeding up, using, unnecessarily harming and killing animals for food; and giving them feed that could have been used to feed starving people; while taking their land, driving them out of their homes and growing feed and raising “cattle” on land that could have been used to feed the indigenous population [2]. The feed that feeds the animals only in USA could be used to feed 800 million people. At the same time several million people die of starvation and 870 million suffering from chronic undernourishment [4]. And we have no nutritional need for this (see below).
Learn more here (including notes 2/ and 4/):

I wish and work for a world where we all can live in nonviolent self-sustained vegan permaculture-community promoting veganism and human rights:

I understand that we in this damaged and violent world can’t escape to make choices that will harm someone else; but we shouldn’t directly exploit anyone and we should minimize the destructive impact we have to others, at the same time we maximize the positive impact we have by helping other human and nonhumans – both through stopping others from exploiting others and through helping others to become self-sustained and come out of poverty and other misery.

Do your best to be a part of the solution and not to perpetuate the problem. Go vegan. Oppose all discrimination. Live a minimalistic, non-consumerist, nonviolent lifestyle. Do your best to become self-sustained and not to be a part of the destructive monoculture-system that provides most of the food in the stores. Do your best to make this planet to a planet where justice, nonviolence and peace prevails!

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Note 1.

How capitalism is incompatible with ecological sustainability

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