lördag 3 maj 2014

Reply to 'Telling others to go vegan is rigid and facist'

A person wrote: 'The tone and fervor of vegan ism is scarily reminiscent of Fundamentalist Baptists. You are either just like them or you go to hell...'

My reply:
Do you believe it is wrong to harm animals unnecessarily?
Do you believe animals have a moral value?

I am sure you say yes.
Arguing that it then is our moral obligation to consume a plant-only diet instead of a diet containing animal foods, to use clothes made of plants instead of animals, and to not exploit animals for other purposes, follows from believing that animals have a moral value.

It is not facism to claim that we shouldn't harm animals by killing them for 'palate pleasure'/'convenience' of animal foods; just like it is not facism to claim that we shouldn't harm and kill humans

We vegans stand for the right for sentient beings not to be exploited and treated as property.

Sorry, I don't understand what you accomplish by calling us names for the stance that we take.

I am not judging your intentions. I just say that love, respect and justice is not congruent with exploiting animals for food, clothes and other purposes. To live after the values that you agree with you need to live vegan.
I have been vegan for 1,5 years and wasn't vegan for the 28 previous years, so I know that it is easy to be confused about this issue.

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