fredag 16 maj 2014

Is it ethical and vegan to use transportation system/travel?

Speaking of the transportation system a person wrote this:
"At its foundation, the transportation system is a necessary evil. It was derived for convenience and in its current condition is an infrastructure monster. The costs of utilizing and maintaining such a system are high for not only animals but to our planet and our own species.

In principle, this hypothetical situation reminds me of a retort provided by Robert Grillo when asked about the ethical implication of eating a rescued chicken's eggs: 'is it ever benign to eat from a body that is suffering?' There are many parallels to be drawn between these two cases, I feel. There is an inherent malignancy in both situations: the unfortunate chicken whose body is riddled with pain and discomfort from being bred to grow so large so fast; and the transportation system which stands as one of many statues to the human desire for convenience, expediency and selfishness.

I believe that the more pressing question is for how long should we hold a reflective vigil for the sadness found in the situation where our selfish needs trump the lives of others. We must not forget the costs of our decisions; and with such mindfulness, perhaps humility will one day be the operative factor in our decision making rather than convenience.

In other words, no- I do not feel that it is moral to consume an animal who was killed as a result of our transportation system. Not only for the reason that I provide above, but also because of the current social outlook on veganism in general. There are already far too many excuses, justification and illogical forms of reasoning buttressing nonveganism. I would not want to throw this marginal case into the mix to misconstrue the obvious moral consistency of veganism.""
--End of quote.

I don't make it to a vegan issue, but it is certainly an ethical issue - to only travel when there is a necessity, e.g. in order to earn a livelihood. I started biking to work - it is about 40 kilometers (Unfortunately my knees started aching - I need to figure out why)..

And to a live a lifestyle of the most nonharm the vision we should all strive to create vegan self-sustained communities where we grow our food using vegan permaculture:

I believe that also this take is valid:
And this take:

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