lördag 3 maj 2014

No moral difference between killing dolphins and other animals

Unconditional love. Fishermen and the rest of nonvegan population exploit and kill animals for food (despite that we can survive and thrive on a plant only-diet), and dolphins die as bycatch. Dolphins help people anyways.
No reason to target any specific nationality, since people from all nationalities are equally guilty for all animal exploitation - including killing sentient beings in our oceans and killing dolphins as bycatch. No moral difference between exploiting different species.

Good quote: "My friends, please listen: You're not making any sense when you post statuses, or get upset, about people abusing cats and dogs when you are not vegan. They don't have to abuse dogs and cats, and you don't have to harm other animals for food.

The quicker you acknowledge and do something about this disconnect the quicker you can end your own harm of other animals."
From John Tallent

Comment to this article: https://www.thedodo.com/man-lost-at-sea-for-25-hours-s-529686265.html

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