fredag 23 maj 2014

Only veganism help animals.

Some people get frustrated when I point out that veganism is the only way to help animals. There will always be someone who says they *could* kill an animal. It's not my right to give you that permission to go ahead then if you can. It's not my right to say that others should be given more straw, one more hour of daylight or a dirty cramped barn instead of a cage when the freedom they crave is not the result. They are still used, abused, exploited and murdered. It's not my right to say that one death is more preferable over another, how do I know that when I haven't gone through it?

It's not my right, speaking only through arrogance and ego, that I deem one animal more worthy due to perceived intellect, only measured with my own.

It shouldn't be anyone's right to do or suggest such things. It doesn't affect *me* and it doesn't affect *you* so of course it's easy to say it's OK and give your permission. *We* don't come into it.
It's not our right, but it should be the animals right. Listen to them.
Let them be free by being vegan.

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