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Vegan view vs Bibles/Old Testaments/New Testaments views of animals

The Bible is inspired by humans that were heavily influenced by the culture of animal slavery that they participated in, thus you find justifications of enslaving animals in the Bible. The Bible is written by humans and thus influenced by preconceived human ideas.
If you want to learn some scholarship about the Bible: 

 "Joseph Campbell, when asked the reason for myths by Bill Moyer, said that the main reason for myths and stories is to somehow reconcile our abuse and killing of animals for food. We create enormous rituals with religious significance because I think we feel guilty about confining animals. The worst thing you can do to a being is put them in prison; putting someone in jail is a punishment. These cows are owned. Their sovereignty is stolen from them by human beings so they can have their milk. They are not allowed to live their lives freely in nature and we would all like to be able to live our lives freely. I think there is no need, personally, for ghee to be healthy. Certainly there are many cultures that survive without having ghee. In the fullness of time, hopefully this will be seen to be something we can let go of. I would like to see cows returning to sovereignty again, how they lived for millions of years."

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Since you believe in the Bible (I believe it is a mix of some wisdom and much violence, and inspired by humans heavily influenced by the slavery and violence against violence):

"Second, go and read Genesis, the first book of the Old Testam
ent. In the original creation story, everyone, including animals, was vegan. It’s completely clear that humans did not eat animals and animals did not eat each other. It was only after the covenant between humans and God was ruptured that eating animals began. As far as I read it, veganism was the ideal position and it is the position toward which humans should work (a situation where there will be peace, no killing, and where even the lion will lie down with the lamb and the lion will eat straw, etc.)."
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