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Ethics: Love animals and eating animals - a moral oxymoron

Are you aware that there is as much suffering for the animal, caused by a glass of milk or for an egg, as there is for a steak of meat?: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/05/organic-milk-cheese-ice-cream-sour.html
Here are some other good, tasty recipes on the blog of my wife:

A vegan lifestyle is not a sacrifice, it is a joy.
As for taste, for me the desire of animal products went away when I realized that it is unethical to kill another sentient being for palatable pleasure. Dr. Neal Banard says: "You will find that your taste buds have a memory of about 3 weeks."

I don’t agree with the food chain-argument. Here is my reply to it:
Can you explain to me, how would having the possibility to kill all other sentient beings on this planet justify us to inflict unnecessary suffering upon another being?

Why do you look upon omnivores as your role models, instead of herbivores – when you refer to the “food chain”-argument. We do have the anatomy of an herbivore, and we do have a moral concern for the animals. You wouldn’t for example kill a dog. You just have to be consistent and extend this same moral concern for all animals.
We do certainly have the choice to abstain from killing and eating animals for food. So when we choose to eat animal products, we act despite the lack of “necessity”. And doing so we are acting in contradiction to our moral belief which states that dog fighting and dog abuse is morally wrong, because it inflicts unnecessary suffering upon animals.

I highly recommend this book, ‘Introduction to Animal Rights: Your Child or the Dog by Professor Gary Francione?
‘: http://www.abolitionistapproach.com/books/#.Ua5RpJxc18E

It really helps in ones understanding.

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