söndag 2 juni 2013

Animal cruelty in Romania, compared to e.g. China, Sweden and US

There is no difference of the animal cruelty in Romania, compared to Sweden or any other country.

Quote: "In this country alone [USA], we kill over ten billion land animals annually for food. The animals we eat—even those supposedly raised “humanely”—
suffer as much as the dogs that are used in dog fighting. There is no “need” for us to eat meat, dairy, or eggs. Indeed, these foods are increasingly linked to various human diseases and animal agriculture is an environmental disaster for the planet. We impose pain, suffering, and death on these billions of sentient nonhumans because we enjoy eating their flesh and the products that we make from them.

There is something positively bizarre about condemning Michael Vick for using dogs in a hideous form of entertainment when 99% of us also use animals that are every bit as sentient as dogs in another hideous form of entertainment that is no more justifiable than fighting dogs: eating animals and animal products."
Veganism is our moral obligation; and if we are not vegans we are paying for animal cruelty by each non-vegan choice.

I think it is very hard to compare animal cruelty in different countries. A big reason to this is that we are not exposed to e.g. what goes on in the slaughter houses in Sweden. We are aware of the intensity of only a tiny amount of all the animal cruelty that takes place in different countries. All enslavement, all use, all killing of animals for food, clothes, amusement or any other reason, is animal cruelty. And usually this against animal cruelty-campaigns disregards the daily cruelty caused by all of our society's daily non-vegan choices.

Some people say that Chinese people in general are more cruel to animals compared to people in e.g. USA. This is not true. US enslaves, kills and hurts many more animals per person compared to China. There are more individuals killed in China, but the China population is 4 times the population of US.: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/04/there-is-not-more-animal-cruelty-in.html

By focusing on incidents of animal cruelty, an erroneous picture is created. Billions of people are opposed to animal cruelty in this world, yet they daily support it by their daily meals and other choices that they partake in.

Animal cruelty will never end until our society stop killing and hurting animals at our daily meals by consuming animal products: http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2013/05/why-does-many-people-abuse-humans-dogs.html

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