lördag 29 juni 2013

The animal cruelty involved in eating a Big mac from Mc Donalds

My comment to a friend who wrote about eating a 'Big mac':
You can all easily Google ‘cruelty in Mc Donalds’ to find out what cruelty the animals go through to become a ‘Big Mac’. And there is no “humane way” to produce animal products, the animals involve always go through suffering – there are just different degrees to the unnecessary suffering involved.

I think the core of the issue is that people don’t see an animal and what suffering they are causing when they are eating a Big mac or any other animal foods. But it is our moral obligation to the animals to not inflict unnecessary suffering, we all agree with this, so thus we all should study what the animals are going through, so that we stop seeing dead animals and their secretions as ‘food’, but see suffering and death each time we look upon an animal product.
I don’t see anything good when I see an animal product, I don’t miss the taste that I enjoyed for almost 28 years as a non-vegan, I only see dead animals that were inflicted unnecessary suffering and death to satisfy someone’s palate pleasure /convenience of animal foods.

I think it is time that we all act upon our moral intuition, and start to eat as we care of the animals. They are defenseless against us, and we must live up to our moral obligation of stopping exploiting them and inflicting them unnecessary suffering for food. We must start acting like we care, and like they matter more than a frivolous taste experience'/convenience!!

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