lördag 8 juni 2013

Hur många djur räddas per år för att man inte äter kött, mjölk och andra djurprodukter?

Cows care for their calves just like any other warm blooded mammal. The lives of their calves matter to them. Each time you consume dairy you are tearing a family apart.

How You Can Save Over 400 Animals Every Year

Omnivores directly consume about 85 animals a year. However, the number of animal deaths omnivores are responsible for is exponentially larger when you consider the trillion tons of sea creatures who die as bycatch; the downed animals who couldn’t walk onto the kill floor; and the billions of other animals who suffered to death in the agricultural industry. Taking these figures into account, a vegetarian saves on average 406 animals every year. Imagine if you included the millions of male egg-laying chickens who, because they will never lay eggs, are killed after hatching. Consider also the bob calves who are shot at birth due to being a byproduct of the dairy industry. Thus as a vegan you will save even more lives.
When one person is applauded as a hero for saving a dog from drowning, shouldn’t saving over 400 animals every year be seen as a remarkable achievement? If you live another 40 years as a vegan you will save over 16,200 animals. Now that is a reason to celebrate!
How many animals will you save if you live to be 80 years old?
406 animals saved x (number of years you have been vegan until today)
+ 406 animals saved x (number of years until you are 80 years old)

= (total number of animals you will save in your lifetime)


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