tisdag 25 juni 2013

Does vegans love or hate people consuming meat, diary and other animal products?

Some person claimed that we shouldn't feel sad if a person exploiting animals on a regularly basis die. All non-vegans are exploiting animals on a regularly basis for palatable pleasure/convenience.

Despite that I for a long time have tried to live a moral life, it took me almost 28 years to realize that it is wrong to kill animals for food, and that veganism is a necessity for an ethical lifestyle. If I would have encountered arguments like this, I think I would have become a vegan much quicker:

I think that the death of a sentient being always is sad, including the death of humans. I think that we can love someone despite the violence that that person is causing to others, and causing to himself or herself. I would e.g. mourn if someone died of my non-vegan family or friends. I don’t think it attracts our non-vegan friends to claim we shouldn't feel sad if they would die. I really hope it isn’t true that we wouldn’t be sad.

For me veganism has led me to feel more love and empathy to animals, including humans, on this planet. Of course I am deeply saddened by the exploitation my non-vegan friends are inflicting upon the animals, and their inability to demonstrate love and empathy toward the animals that they choose to exploit for animal products, but I can still love them.

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