söndag 3 mars 2013

Animal on circus, animal products (including milk, eggs, honey...) on our dining plates : (- teach children that it is okay to abuse animal and cause them unnecessary pain and death

Yes, it is a good point!

There are habits that people do daily that have the same effect, e.g. what is taught at the dining table by what we choose to eat.
I believe that most people have compassion with dogs Like most people, they believe that it would be wrong for a person to maim or kill a cat out of anger or "enjoyment".Generally speaking, they agree that because harming these animals in such ways is unnecessary, the above actions are unjustified.

So how can you believe that it is okay to treat another animal - able to feel the same amount of pain, joy and other feelings as a dog - as an object by killing him/her or putting him/her on a plate (or using milk, egg or honey, or other animal products, which have the same effect, see www.vegankit.com).
Animals on people's plate were brutally slaughtered. It is unethical to cause unnecessary pain and death to an animal. Brutally slaughter/any kind of killing a being regardless of species is unnecessary pain and death.

The animal doesn't see any love and compassion and opposition towards abuse about humans taking her life -- and I think that we must take the perspective of the most vulnerable member in our society. This is a very good book: http://www.worldpeacediet.org/ [Available on Spotify]

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