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25 millions of people have died because of the HIV-virus. Research has found that it was the killing and eating of chimpanzes, that started the outbreak of the virus.

25 millions of people have died because of the HIV-virus. Research has found that it was the killing and eating of chimpanzes, that started the outbreak of the virus. Many other infectious diseases and other diseases, including cold and the flu, also broke out in humans because of eating domesticated animals thousands of years ago.
Excerpts from the lecture [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G20cooZOiYE ]:
1918 a virus caused a quarter of all Americans to feel ill.
Alaska-scientists could recently solve through examining the lungs of the people that died 1918 (the dead bodies that were buried and frozen under ground because of the climate) find out what was the cause of the outbreak, it was bird flu.
In 1918 50 - 100 millions people died in 25 weeks.

Dr. Robert Webster:
In today's bird flu (H5N1) about 50 percent dies of it
Bird flu outbreak has gone from exceedingly rare, has increased exponentially the last decade.
Bird flu has exponentially increase in the birds since 1980.

Another bird flu:
Netherlands outbreak: 1000 effected. Humans-to humans-transmission at 6..%

H5N1 isn't good at spreading.
If this trend is allowed to continue our nightmare may very well be realized-both be very deadly and to spread very easily.

Robert G. Webster:
Farming practices have changed. We put millions of chickens into a chicken factory. Virus can get into these factories and make billions and billions of mutations continuously.
Number of chickens slaughter per day-wing to wing - they would wrap more than twice around the equator.

Up to 10 million birds on a single farm in China. 63 such a farms.

World health organization: Many new influenza-virus effecting humans.
Snow-flake turning into avalanche since 1995.
virus adapt to highly pathogenic types.
Factory farms incubators for the emergence of highly disease-causing strains of this virus.
Increase demand of poultry products -> [in the end] -> virus capable for human-to-human-transmission.

Factory-farming: Ideal conditions for virus to spread and mutate to a more dangerous form.

All bird flues start out harmless. Virus silent multiplies in ducks, secreted out to the pond water, swallowed up by a duck, no one gets hurt.
If virus finds itself in a gut of the chicken -- the virus must mutate or die.
When thrown into a new host like land-based-birds, the virus starts mutating.
They may find the lungs and become an air-borne virus, as the flu.

In nature it is a natural limit of how dangerous the virus can get.. The virus needs to spread and thus can't kill the bearer.
When in factory-farm-conditions - the virus can be both deadly and spread quickly.

From the virus point of view - the same war-trench conditions as 1918 exists in the crowded farm factory-conditions.
Industry is slowing waking up.
Starts out harmless, turns deadly.

How does the poultry-industry respond?
"The prospect of a virulent flu to which we have absolutely no resistance is frightening. However, to me, the threat is much greater to the poultry industry. I am not as worried about the U.S. human population dying from bird flu as I am that there will be no chicken to eat."

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