tisdag 26 mars 2013

We should not steal. So why do we steal the lives and products of animals?

All of the world's spiritual traditions have similar "rules" of moral conduct. Commonly, one of which is a principle of not stealing. We should not take something that is not freely given to us - everyone knows and agrees with this mode of conduct, right?

Then why, and how, do we feel justified in taking things like milk from cows (that was not produced for us, but for baby cows), and snatching those very baby cows away from their mothers to be ruthlessly slaughter and labelled "veal"? What about eggs (again not produced for us, but as a natural process of a reproductive cycle)? What about taking honey, since bees make honey, that's what they do, right? Yes, they make honey for their food, not ours. We steal it, and replace it with a cheap, chemical syrup, just to keep them alive so that they can produce more honey, and when they don't produce enough anymore, like cows, they are mercilessly killed. Why do we participate in this, when we have alternatives, which are kinder and healthier?

What about baby sheep? Why do we steal them from their mothers and celebrate Easter over their miserable, tortured carcasses? What kind of spiritual tradition can possibly encourage such cruel practices?

We participate, not because we enjoy the suffering of others, and not because we believe in our hearts that this is right, but because we have been conditioned since birth to believe that these practices are acceptable. We have become so conditioned by our cultures that we do not even question it. This is how countless atrocities have been committed towards other Beings throughout history: through mass desensitization and brainwashing.

I feel very deeply that we are ready now to question everything. We are ready to stop for a minute, make the connection, and choose what our naturally compassionate hearts long for: loving kindness towards all Beings. We are One. There is no me; there is no you. There is just us.

Namaste. I see you. I honor you. I love you.

Quote: Maria Amore

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