lördag 30 mars 2013

'Counter-argument' to veganism - it is so expensive to buy vegan food

A vegan home-cooked diet can be very, very inexpensive (and much cheaper compared to a diet of animal products (which are heavily subsidized, and bad for us, animals and the environment).

A starch-based (e.g. potatoes, rice, lentils, beans) diet with vegetables and fruits (and some also take very inexpensive B-12-supplement) is as I guess you know very inexpensive.

One can even become self-sustained. On 1/10 of an acre one can grow 6000 pounds of plant-based food per year in California.

A non-vegan diet is killing humans and other animals (e.g. in droughts caused by enormous amount of green-house gases), the environment, causes poverty and starvation:

So is anything stopping you from a choosing a vegan diet (and inspire you friends to do this too) of love, compassion and non-violence. You already believe in this in your heart.
What do you say?

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