söndag 31 mars 2013

How I became a vegan when I understood it is wrong to use and exploit animals

Me and my wife become vegan this autumn. We stopped using all meat at the time we understood it is wrong to exploit other animals and to kill them. We stopped using all milk and eggs when we understood that these are causing animals suffering and death. Within some weeks we transitioned to become vegans. I stopped as soon as I realized that it is wrong.
We didn't want to be a part in exploiting animals by continuing to use animal products, so we stopped when we realized it is unethical. If we love animals and recognize their moral value, we can't continue to participate in stealing their lives and their purpose, and cause them unnecessary suffering and death for ‘palatable pleasure’/convenience.
Some websites that I have found helpful: http://www.facebook.com/abolitionistapproach and  www.vegankit.com

When it comes to a healthy vegan diet (which don't need to contain any soy at all), I recommend this website: http://www.drmcdougall.com/

I wrote this to a friend, which relates some to what one can eat:
"A vegan home-cooked diet can be very, very inexpensive (and much cheaper compared to a diet of animal products (which are heavily subsidized, and bad for us, animals and the environment).

A starch-based (e.g. potatoes, rice, lentils, beans) diet with vegetables and fruits (and some also take very inexpensive B-12-supplement) is as I guess you know very inexpensive.

One can even become self-sustained. On 1/10 of an acre one can grow 6000 pounds of plant-based food per year in California.

A non-vegan diet is killing humans and other animals (e.g. in droughts caused by enormous amount of green-house gases), the environment, causes poverty and starvation:

So is anything stopping you from a choosing a vegan diet (and inspire you friends to do this too) of love, compassion and non-violence. You already believe in this in your heart."

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