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Urban homestead, being self-sufficient by planting 6000 pounds of vegetables on 4000 square-feet

I found an interesting video clip.
Here is part of the content.
It is about a family that grow everything they need on 4000 square-foot , a 10'th of an acre.

It feeds a family. Revolutionizes what you can do in a city.
Started 10 years ago. They grow almost all the food they need. They produce organic.
Sustainably. 400 variets of vegetables, fruits and edible flowers. 6000 pounds a year., Enough to feed themselves, with plenty over. They also sell to restaurants.

They make 20 000 dollars from their front-yard sell.
In the beginning he didn't believe he could do it.

He didn't want them to eat GMO-food.
A decade later he is off the grid. He calls it the path to freedom.

They do canning. The menu depends on what is in season. No micro-waves.
The electricity from solar-panels.Less than 12$ month.

They can sense that something is off with the climate. Bugs come at different times.
Their whole food traveled 100 feet.
He plans a village of home-steads. Their family, their extended family, and other people in the same village. 'Urban homestead'.

[Unfortunately they also domesticate and use animals, e.g. chickens and bees; and unfortunately their garden is not veganic.]

Another article to read

More of my thoughts:

"This is good. Especially the starting up a vegan cafe! " Thanks!


The first of my links showed a family that sustained their self and also earned 20000 USD per year only of their produce on 1/10 of an acre (only 400m^2).

I think that we should transform all our system to small-scale farming. To create a grass-root-movement that shows that small, sustainable veganic gardens are possible.

The small veganic garden highly reduces the environmental impact and harm, including reduces the harm and death caused to the animals that are killed when harvesting with big machines, and reduces the amount of fossile fuels neeeded (e.g. harvesting by one's hands compared to harvesting machines).

I don't believe in the GMO-'farming meat from living tissue'-movement. It perpetuates viewing animals as resources, the antithesis of veganism and our goal to make everyone view animals with love and compassion. Veganism is making everyone seeing animals as individuals and this goals can't be used by advocating something that is perpetuating the animals being viewed as resources.


When it comes to animal food: Dogs thrive on a vegan diet, and many cats (not all) also do very well on a vegan diet:

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