fredag 2 maj 2014

Why we shouldn't wish violence and death upon those consuming animal foods

Someone wrote this: "WHEN SOMEONE SAYS THIS TO YOU (""For every animal you don't want me to eat I wanna eat two""), just smile, a BIG smile, and say, "Sounds good....your suicide mission, is apparent, as that will shorten your life, by quite a few years.... it will be helping the vegan movement out, because we need to rid this planet, of those that think like you"....and then say NAMASTE!!!."

My reply:
Actually, it is terrible. First of all it is violence towards nonhuman animals. That sounds like and is a terrible idea to exploit other animals for animal foods and other purposes.

Secondly, It is violence to the environment and everyone depend on it...
Thirdly, violence to oneself.
It is a terrible idea to wish that someone will kill themselves. Violence is part of the problem, not a part of the solution.

And to end this wishing of violence with 'Namaste'?

Why not use a nonviolent approach? We will not make people caring by wishing them violence and death. I recommend this article:

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