torsdag 8 maj 2014

Help or harm animals by promoting Animal welfare reform?

You have a good heart, you want to help the animals; and you are promoting Animal welfare reform because you believe that this will reduce the suffering of animals. You promote say a reform that will make the hens get some inches bigger space.

But you may not be aware of that you are:
-Legitimizing the animal exploitation by telling industry that they should reform it. It is like promoting a “happy rape”-scheme or “happy murder”-scheme for disenfranchised people groups of our society, instead of advocating against all exploitation that these groups are facing. You are telling the industry to reform the exploitation. You are not saying: ‘Stop the exploitation’. You are saying: ‘Continue the exploitation, but do it in a way that makes the nonhumans suffer slightly less”.

-Sending the implicit message to the consumer that the products based on the “Animal welfare reform” are morally acceptable and can be consumed as a “conscientious omnivore”.

-Increasing production efficiency, so the animal industry will get a bigger revenue.

Does the privileged groups of the society have the right to tell others of HOW they should exploit other individuals of our society? Do we have a right to encourage sexists and racists HOW they should exploit women and people of color? Do you think that they appreciate that you encourage others to exploit them in a way that supposedly causes them a less degree of suffering? Would you being a person who was daily subjected of exploitation like others to work for reforming the exploitation that you are a part of, and making the say traffickers earn a bigger revenue by increasing their ‘production efficiency’; or would you like others to work for abolishing the exploitation all together? Would you appreciate that people supposedly fighting for your rights not to be exploited, to tell the exploiters HOW to exploit you? Does it make sense to advocate, and is it moral to advocate exploitation of an individual as a means to a reach an end? Can starting wars lead to peace in our world? Can using and advocating for unprovoked violence result in a peaceful world?

You say that ‘the world won’t go vegan overnight’ so we have to promote these reforms. We have been doing Animal welfare reform for the last 200 years, and more and more animals are exploited for every day, which is not only caused by the increase of the world population, but also an increase the average animal exploitation that every non-vegan participates in.

If we make consumers more comfortable and happy with consuming “animal foods”, they will continue to consume animal foods. There is a reason why Whole Foods promote “happy meat” and “Welfare ratings” for the exploited animals. How can increasing the production efficiency of producers result in ending the exploitation?

If everyone educate one person to become a vegan and become an vegan educator every year; and we started with 125 vegans in Sweden doing this, Sweden would have a vegan majority after 17 years. There are many effective vegan educators in the world that educate several people to go vegan and to become vegan educators every year. We just need more people to educate themselves of how to effectively educate others and then to engage lots of their energy and time into this.

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