lördag 3 maj 2014

Take your opportunities to educate others about veganism

I am living in a cabin and will do a lot of planting of food this year. We will sow seeds for a big variety of different vegetables, and plant many potatoes. We are planting using vegan permaculture and in the future I hope to be all self-sustained on my own produce. Here I write more about vegan permaculture and why this is the only sustainable and environment friendly way of growing food. Monocultures used for the food that are sold in the store are destroying our environment, and are thus destructive for human and nonhuman animals on this planet:http://bloganders.blogspot.no/2014/04/vegan-permaculture-vegan-ecological-and.html

Speaking of sowing vegan seeds: We also should sow vegan seeds in the non-vegans we meet, and we will grow a vegan world. We should make nonvegans understand why they are participating in harming and being violent towards animals by consuming animal foods, wearing animals as clothes, using animals for entertainment and all other choices that use animals. And explaining why this violence and suffering is all unnecessary and wrong. We should sow vegan seeds by starting conversations with friends, acquaintances and strangers. Put leaflets in mailboxes, bulletin boards, etc. There are opportunities all the time, e.g. in the food store.

The animals on the photo (see photo in the comment) will be sent to slaughter, transported in a truck and face a violent and completely unnecessary death. Their lives will be deprived from them just because of someone's palate pleasure, convenience or ignorance. Some of the customers that will buy the meat from these sheep are people who love animals and that wouldn't want to cause animals suffering. These are people that will change their consumption habits if they meet someone that educates them and give them clarity on this issue. Be courageous, educate others, and save animals from being exploited.

Yesterday I had this conversation with the cashier in the food store. After some initial talk, I said: I only buy vegetables. The cashier replied. I then said: I have been vegan since 2012. She said that she had been a vegetarian and that her female friend is vegan. I told her that I am a vegan because that I believe it is wrong to inflict unnecessary suffering on animals. She said that many share this idea. I also asked her if she know of why people are vegan. She didn’t. I told her that animals are harmed and killed in the production of dairy products and eggs; just like that they are harmed and killed for meat. I didn’t have that much time to talk, since there was more customers in the line, but we talked while she was registering my food. She said that she would consider trying a vegan diet to see how she was doing. I handed her a flier and said that she could find recipes and other useful information about what we talked about. Don’t miss any opportunity. We always have opportunities if we are standing in a queue line, sitting on a train, saying hello to a person’s dog, etc

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