fredag 16 maj 2014

Great britain, veal consumption, "animal welfare reform" and promoting veganism

This relates to the veal discussion above:

Remember the single-issue campaign against veal in the 1980s? Well, "[t]he production of veal got a bad name in the Eighties but higher-welfare practices mean we can now enjoy this delicate meat without the guilt trip."

Thanks to "happy exploitation" corporations, such as the RSPCA and Compassion in World Farming, veal is making a comeback:

"A small but growing number of frustrated farmers have returned to veal production, attempting to bring around the British to eating ethical veal. Most are producing rose veal, a pink-coloured meat, darker than traditional veal, made with young animals up to about eight months old, raised on beef feed."

Read about it:
Excerpt from Abolitionist Approach-page and more to learn here:

So a short summary of the articles and facts that have been shared this far would be that:
1. It is possible to shift consumers habits from certain animal foods to other animal foods (e.g. make a population shift their consumption from veal to other meat) by promoting Welfarism.
2. This shift only lasts as long as the consumers are convinced that these products are inhumane. If e.g. the animal industry starts promoting "humane veal" or other "humane animal use" the consumption of veal/promoted animal use will increase again.

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