lördag 3 maj 2014

Halal slaughter vs. ordinary slaughter

"No slaughter is "humane." The most "humane" slaughter involves terrible fear, suffering, and distress. This is not to mention all of the suffering and distress that the animal endured at *whatever* farm the animal was born and raised, and in in the transport to the slaughterhouse. And no slaughter is just. It all involves taking the life of an innocent being for the sake of palate pleasure. "Humane" treatment is, as a practical matter, impossible. And all use is morally wrong. The problem is use and not treatment." -Gary Francione

I am sure you wouldn't justify harming and killing a dog or cat for palate pleasure or convenience. There is no difference between this and the animals that are hurt for meat, dairy products, eggs, etc. You can thrive and be healthy on a vegan diet. Eat like you care. Go vegan if you want to respect all animals.

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