torsdag 15 maj 2014

Why we should rescue animals from animal shelters

Some persons say that we shouldn't adopt animals from animal shelters and claim that this legitimizes breeding.

We have 2 choices as vegans (now I am talking about each individual, since everyone isn't capable of adopting animals):
1. You choose to ignore the animals being killed at animal shelters. You look with a blind eye while they are being exploited. You look with a blind eye when the kill shelters are exploiting innocent animals. Blindly you look while they are killing the animals, while they are commiting moral atrocities.
You may even defend PeTA's killing of healhty animals. Vegans don't kill animals, but you still defend PeTA for commiting these moral atrocities.

2.You rescue an animal from an animal shelter. This animal wants to live and is happy to be rescued from the animal shelter.
These may have some negative consequences. This doesn't make the action in itself wrong. Some people who see you may think that you think it is a good idea with pets
(if you don't have the chance to talk with them). This doesn't make the action in itself wrong.

Of course number 2 is the best choices, since it considers the animal's interest of not being killed.

Legally under law this animal is your property. That of course is a moral problem. But, releasing the animal to the wild, would be a worse choice morally. Domestication is all wrong, but you are now doing
the best you can. You are choosing between 2 bad choices: 1. Releasing the animal to the wild. 2. In some ways controlling and limiting the freedom of the animal.
You choose the choice that will bring as little harm to the animal you adopted as possible.

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