fredag 9 maj 2014

Human slaves vs. animal slaves and how to abolish slavery

Regarding the discussion of human slaves vs animal slaves:

There are many humans who are enslaved production say clothes, food, etc.? Should we buy their products from them, or should we buy products coming from people who are not enslaved? Should we legitimize the slavery by buying products from the slaves? Should we create a demand for products from slavery by buying products from the slave? Should we negotiate with the human exploited and demand that they give the slaves 9 lashes instead of 10 lashes per day? Should we demand that they have to work 15,5 hours instead of 16 hours per day? Should we legitimize the slavery by encouraging the slave owners to continue to own slaves, but do it more “humanely”?

Should we convince the slave owners that they should reform the regulations of their business and increase their production efficiency by administering fewer lashes per day? Should we legitimize slavery by creating reforms that say: “We demand that slave owners only administer 9 lashes instead of 10. These are reforms that legitimize slavery because what you are saying by signing such a reform is: ‘The slave trade is an acceptable institution. It is morally acceptable to own slaves; to treat humans as property. You can continue to own slaves; but we demand the government to regulate it, so that you have a legal obligation to “only” administer 9 lashes per day instead of 10.” Should we tell our friends who buy produce from slave owners that they should sign this reform that legitimizes that humans are property and slaves?
Should we get into a partnership with the slave owners and the sellers of the products from the slave owners and create a new label which comes from slaves that got 9 lashes per day instead of 10 lashes?
Or should we promote products that don’t involve any slavery work at all? Should we fight for human rights and unequivocally speak to the public that we have to abolish slavery, and that you participate in exploitation by buying the products from slave labor? Should we speak out to the slave owners and say that no slave trade at all can be justified regardless of how “humanely” you treat the slaves?

I am glad that the Abolitionists against humane slavery didn’t compromise and don’t compromise their message, and didn’t and don’t legitimize the slave trade by advocating “Human welfare” reforms and promoting products that were “certified humane”. I am glad that they didn’t and don’t sign letters celebrating the slave owners for being “pioneers” and creating a demand for products that are “certified humane”, just like all big “Animal welfare”-organizations are doing today.

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