tisdag 27 maj 2014

Humans and animals, moral value, human supremacy

"My young dog just barked at his reflection in the mirror in poor lighting. It made me think how much we cannot rip away from the feeling that this is a sign (or lack) of intelligence even when we don't want to do so.
If a dog was to devise an experiment, he would put our scent on a bush, bring us over to it and test to see if we recognize ourselves. Upon examining the bush, we would think "What are we doing here? It's just a bush" to which a dog would conclude "What a dumb human, can't even recognize herself on a bush."
Why is it that recognizing oneself using the sense of vision is more important than recognizing oneself using the sense of smell?
I believe it is because we are so biased to think that the qualities we exhibit most prominently are most valuable. It is our anthropocentric, human supremacy bias at play. What do you Think?"
Quote from Andrea Kladar.

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